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Peter Hübner - 108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon - Insight 1
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Peter Hübner Micro Music Laboratories PETER HÜBNER – CLASSICAL MUSIC
A production of CML CLASSICAL MUSIC LABORATORIES® – a division of

108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon • Insight 1

Soloists, Choirs
Great Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Archaic Orchestra
Great Percussion Orchestra
Electronic Instruments

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

RRR 1614
Total Playing Time: 68’51”
Label: Lógos
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108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
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108 Hymns of the Dancing Dragon
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A MML Micro Music Laboratories® Production • A digital studio recording under the technical and artistic direction of the classical composer and musicologist Peter Huebner. • © Aar Edition International 1999  •  ℗ United Productions International 1999 • All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and lending is prohibited, as well as copying of this recording other than for your sole personal non-commercial medical or educational use. • Subject to change by the authors in the interests of scientific advancement.
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